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Today, the development of the leedongreenfloorplan is planned to be carried out in 2023. On finalization, it would have seven towers of 12 levels high condo prevents with 638 devices. The system design offered by this growth consists of 49 products of 1 room variety, that are scaled between 474 and 603 sq ft, 96 units of 1 room plus review sort, leedongreencondo which are scaled between 538 and 689 sq ft.

High quality home

•Furthermore, 74 models of 2 sleeping rooms then one restroom type which is scaled between 614 and 786 sq . ft ., 200 devices of 2 bathrooms and two bathrooms variety which can be measured between 700 and 840 square feet, 46 devices of 2 master bedroom

•In addition research variety that is measured between 818 and 926 sq . ft ., 33 units of three bed room sort that happen to be measured between 958 and 990 sq . ft ., 45 products of 3 sleeping rooms in addition power space sort which are sized between 1044 and 1163 square feet, 34 devices of three bed rooms additionally power space with personal raise sort which happens to be scaled between 1356 and 1604 sq . ft .,

•56 products of 4 bed rooms as well as a utility room with private raise kind, which is measured between 1356 and 1604 sq ft and five products of 4 bedroom garden villas measured between 2400 and 2680 sq . ft ..

Characteristics are beyond our anticipations

The services offered at this development involve Coming The courtroom, Characteristic Courtyard, Garden, Tree Leading Go walking, Woodland BBQ Pavilion, Fantastic Dining Room, Front door Reception Pavilion, Health club, Business, Spa Pavilion, Pool Deck, Grand Swimming pool, Lantern Terrace, Play Pool area Deck, Enjoy Pool, Spectacular Tree BBQ Pavilion, Lap Swimming pool, and Household Cabana.

More suitable solution for people

That’s why upcoming citizens from the leedongreenfloorplan should be able to make use of the Farrer Road district’s fantastic connectivity as well as the MRT station, which is just a simple distance apart. The improvement will offer its citizens with effortless accessibility to some thorough suite of education, health care, and way of life facilities.

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